CrossFit workouts have become increasingly popular over the last few years and with good reason. The workouts are intense and addicting, the community of participants are fun, the coaches have your back, and you’ll be working out differently than ever before.

So why CrossFit Kumba? We have some fantastic reasons that make us unique compared to the majority of other CrossFit boxes.

First of all, we are housed right here inside of Elite Health and Fitness. Each CrossFit Kumba member therefore has access to a fully equipped gym with free weights, a squat rack, machines, Kettlebells, ropes, bands, medicine balls, cardio equipment and much more. Feel free to use our lockers rooms, shower after class, and use the sauna or steam room to ease your sore muscles.

We also have babysitting, so need to find a sitter when you come on in: you have an hour and a half of babysitting here onsite.  We also offer a whole host of other Group Fitness classes, Club Cycle, Team Training and Physical Therapy. Additionally we have a Registered Dietician, a Shake Bar, free parking, and not to mention our monthly pricing is far less expensive than most other boxes around.

Our pricing is $150 a month for an individual, or $99 per person in a family, and free babysitting for one child.  Each and every month our CrossFitters receive a free nutrition session with our Dietitian as well as 50% off meal plans. You also get free access to the Beyond the Whiteboard App (a virtual fitness tracker and WOD leader board). You can track your workouts and see just how strong you are getting!

What else? Yup, there’s more.

Running can often be a big element of the CrossFit workouts, and in the winter months when it is too cold or too icy outside, we got you covered , literally – we have an indoor track. Running can stay as a component of your CrossFit routine. Separate from the gym and the indoor track our CrossFit box is larger than most, it is 2500 square feet. You won’t feel crammed for space.

As part of our CrossFit membership we offer Spartan SGX. You can choose these classes if you are interested in getting race ready. They focus on function, fitness and performance to get you through the hardest and most challenging courses. These workouts give you the tools you need to conquer your next obstacle course and have fun while doing it.

Sure enough we have hosted events and will continue to host more such as: CrossFit Open Participation, The Murph Challenge, Barbell for Boobs Fundraiser, Paleo Challenges, and stay tuned for details on our upcoming Barbell Club.

We are certainly retrofitted with top of the line ROGUE fitness equipment. Not to get fancy or anything, but we have PINK sandbags. I mean, who doesn’t dream of using PINK sandbags as part of their workouts?! Many of you may dream of using the Assault Bikes. Yes, we’ve have those too.


OK, seriously though, you can check out our CrossFit Coaches, Schedule, Pricing and WOD’s right here at Last, but definitely not least, we love our rock start coaches. They are bar none.  Come meet them for yourself and feel the love, the heat, the sweat, the intensity, the music and discover some great WOD’s for your body.

Right now we are offering a FREE one month trial of CrossFit Kumba! Why not give it a try and get the workout of a lifetime?! Simply stop by our front desk or give us a call at 781.297.0977.