If you are interested in trying out any of our classes at Elite, just let us know!

All of our Group Ex classes are included with ALL of our memberships. Classes such as Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Body Pump, Body Combat, Zumbe, P90X, Pound and more! Check out our schedule online today: www.elitefitcenter.com

If you are interested in trying out a CYCLE class, HIIT 60 class, Boxing class or a CrossFit class, you can do so by signing up at the front desk or by giving us a call at 781-297-0979.

Your FIRST class can be FREE! And you can bring a friend with you! As long as it is their first class, it can be free too.
If you find yourself just loving the class, you can upgrade your membership.
You can also participate in classes with a drop-in rate of $20.

If you have yet to have a complimentary personal training session, make sure you get yours today! All members get one free hour with a personal trainer. Again, you can sign up at the front desk, or feel free to give us a call at 781-297-0979.
One per customer please!