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At Elite, we’ve worked with athletes and teams of all ages, from youth to professional and every level in between. Whether you are in Little League or the Big Leagues, a D1 prospect or a weekend warrior, we can help you maximize your athletic potential and achieve your goals. Our team of nationally-certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists offers the most comprehensive, sports-specific strength & conditioning programs you will find. Our experienced staff has worked with thousands of athletes at all levels of sport, from youth athletes to Major League MVPs and Olympic Gold Medalists. Whether you are looking to prepare for your upcoming season, improve your performance in your sport, or become the next Major League MVP, our mission is to maximize the performance and potential of all of our athletes regardless of age, gender or skill level through superior training, education, and motivation. Our team of strength & conditioning specialists and sports performance coaches will design a sports-specific program for individual athletes or entire teams that focus on improving the most important attributes to overall performance, including strength, speed, agility, power, and dynamic stability.

Our formula for success: Superior training and coaching by well-educated professionals in the field coupled with the hard work, determination, and commitment from our athletes. As Olympic Gold Medalist and long-time Elite client, Jim Craig, once said: “Potential is just a word. It means nothing. You have to have the will, heart, desire, and determination.”

Our mission is to maximize the potential, performance, and safety of our athletes through proven training methods based on scientific research, optimal nutrition, quality coaching, and individual attention to the particular needs of each athlete. Our facilities boasts not only some of the best training equipment available, but also a fun, supportive environment for our athletes.

I was able to become a more explosive hitter and also endured a full season of baseball without breaking down. Peter is an asset to anyone looking to improve athletic performance.

Mo Vaughn

Boston Red Sox, American League MVP

Our expert training staff has worked with athletes from most major sports, as well as some less common sports as well! We’ve had athletes from the following sports train to increase their strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance, and overall conditioning.

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Field Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Wrestling
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Tennis
  • Figure Skating
  • Cricket
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Benefits of Sports Performance Coaching:

Gain Strength

Boost Explosive Power

Increase Speed

Improve Agility

Increase Flexibility

Develop Dynamic Balance

Strengthen Core Stability

Reduce risk of injury

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I have been struggling to find a place to enhance my performance for softball. I love Elite! I went from a private session once a week, now I go twice a week for semi-privates. They have such diverse options to choose how to set your workout up. They really cater to you and your sport. I have made so many friends and it is truly a fantastic community.

Julia Woyton

Softball Player