Improve athletic performance with S.P.A.R. Training

All of Elite’s Athlete Training programs focus on improving our athletes’ strength, which is the foundation of improving sports performance and athleticism and helping to reduce injury risk. However, athletes also need to develop other aspects of athleticism, such as speed, power, agility, change of direction, and reaction time, all of which contribute greatly to athletic performance. Elite’s new S.P.A.R. training sessions focus on improving exclusively on these attributes through specific speed training techniques, agility and change-of-direction drills, and plyometric and power exercises for both the lower and upper body. S.P.A.R. sessions allow our athletes to give these critical attributes the time and attention they deserve, while also freeing up additional time for athletes to devote to strength training during their other weekly training sessions. S.P.A.R. classes are currently available 6 days per week and are an essential component of any athlete’s training program.
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Benefits of S.P.A.R. Training

Gain Strength

Boost Explosive Power

Increase Speed

Improve Agility

Increase Flexibility

Develop Dynamic Balance

Strengthen Core Stability

Reduce risk of injury

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I have been struggling to find a place to enhance my performance for softball. I love Elite! I went from a private session once a week, now I go twice a week for semi-privates. They have such diverse options to choose how to set your workout up. They really cater to you and your sport. I have made so many friends and it is truly a fantastic community.

Julia Woyton

Softball Player