Coming this fall…Elite’s newest addition to our sports performance training program:

 S.P.A.R (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction)

Since opening Elite Sports Inc. in 2001, one of our core values has always been innovation.  We are constantly looking at what we do, why we do it, and how we can do it better.  In this spirit, we are excited to introduce a new program starting this fall: S.P.A.R.  This one-hour group training session focuses exclusively on improving speed, power, agility and reaction time. 

Over the years, some of you may have heard Elite staff members stressing the mantra, “STRENGTH IS KING.”  In other words, muscular strength is of paramount importance in any athlete training program, as it forms the basic foundation for other aspects of athleticism, such as speed, power, agility, balance and quickness.  Building functional strength is one of the most effective ways to improve all other qualities of athleticism that are important to most athletes and most sports, which is why we incorporate functional strength training into all of our programming.

But at the same time, athletes need to work on other aspects of athleticism, such as speed, power, agility, change of direction, and reaction time, all of which also contribute greatly to athletic performance.  Elite’s new S.P.A.R. training sessions will allow our staff and athletes to focus more on improving these other attributes through specific speed training techniques, agility and change-of-direction drills, and plyometric and power exercises.  We will be able give these attributes the time and attention they deserve, while also freeing up more time for athletes to devote to strength training during their other weekly training sessions.

We feel this new addition will greatly improve the quality of our current training programs and the results for our athletes, which is, and will always be, the most important reason to change!  We hope all of our athletes take advantage of this new program.  Elite’s S.P.A.R. sessions will be added to our Fall 2018 Sports Performance & Personal Training Schedule, effective: 8/29/18. More details about session times, scheduling, and pricing will be coming soon!