Alleviating Shoulder Pain

Do you have shoulder pain? There are likely things you can do to improve your pain without medication or surgery. Many people experience shoulder pain as a result of faulty mechanics. In other words, you are moving incorrectly! In most cases, people with general...
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Feet Stink

… Well, maybe after a workout with Pete or Boot Camp with Larry, or, in the other sense of the word, if you are having foot pain that is wreaking havoc on your ability to function. Despite being a hard-working base of support, feet are often under-appreciated. Sure,...
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Training for a Marathon

When you decide to that you want to run a marathon, you can expect a full year of commitment. Training for a marathon takes a lot of dedication and personal accountability. When it comes to how you should structure your running program, long runs, hill workouts, tempo...
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Ready to Run

by Eric Farley, MPT So you badly sprained your ankle while in an early-season soccer game.  You got everything checked out with an orthopedic MD who took X-rays showing no fracture and diagnosed you with a grade 2 lateral ankle sprain. You were placed on crutches for...
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What is a Landmine?

A landmine is a short tube where one end of an Olympic bar is mounted into a base (or swivel-joint) that allows for 360 degrees of movement.  This humble-looking apparatus is one of the most versatile, effective fitness tools allowing movements not possible with just...
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New S.P.A.R. Program at Elite

Coming this fall…Elite’s newest addition to our sports performance training program:  S.P.A.R (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction) Since opening Elite Sports Inc. in 2001, one of our core values has always been innovation.  We are constantly looking at what...
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