The ACL is one of the main ligaments that stabilizes the knee. It specifically limits knee hyperextension and rotation. Rupturing the ACL is becoming more common in the adolescent athlete and it often leads to surgery and a long rehabilitation. 70% of ACL injuries are non-contact and they often involve bad mechanics. Are you at risk for tearing your ACL?

Risk Factors

• females athletes are 8 times more likely to rupture their ACL than boys
• sports that involve cutting, jumping, landing, decelerations (Soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc)
• Lower extremity weakness: particularly weak hamstrings in relation to the quadriceps
• poor neuromuscular proprioception and control

Reducing ACL Tear

• Increase Lower Extremity and Core Strength: Improving core and thigh strength are essential to reduce stress on the ACL and reduce injury
• Improve balance (proprioception) and conditioning
• Proper coaching on the mechanics during take off and landings to reduce: straight leg landing, landing with a flat foot and valgus collapse at knee/ankle

What to do to protect yourself or your child?

Consult with one of our Physical Therapists today at (781) 297-0979 to:
• Educate family and patient
• Indentify risk factors which contribute to ACL injuries
• Establish an effective training, conditioning and agility program

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