New Classes for our Summer Schedules! – Elite Health & Fitness – Stoughton, MA

New Classes for our Summer Schedules!

Our Summer Schedules have been released and we have some GREAT classes for you ALL summer long to keep you beach ready!

New Group Exercise Classes:

We have a new Tabata class on Tuesday mornings with Elizabeth Collins at 8:30am: This class features timed work of moderate to higher intensity work for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. You will work the entire body through body weight exercises, weighted exercises and cardio drills.

P90X is here on Wed nights with Michelle Krolick at 5:30pm: This class uses Body Weight Resistance, Cardio, Core and Mobility Work. This full body interval workout will make you lean and strong. Modifications are used to adapt to any fitness level.

We also have a couple of combo classes coming your way: Pilates/Barre on Thursday’s at 9:30am, and Zumba/Barre Sunday’s at 10:00am.

Stay tuned for Tai Chi coming soon on Thursday’s at 11:30am.


New Club Cycle Classes:

We have added a Tabata Cyle class on Thursday mornings with Elizabeth Collins at 9:00am: This Program starts on May 18th and runs for 6 weeks and is open to everyone.  Cycle Members get this Program for free.  Non Elite/ non-Cycle members pay only $50 for 6 weeks.  You will spend some time on the bike and then come off the bike for Tabata style workout on the floor (10 sec rest 20 seconds work).  If you don’t want to join in on the Tabata tracks off the bike you have the option of doing the intervals on the bike.  This is a 45 min  HIIT class.


New Team Training Classes:

We’ve added a couple of new classes here as well! Try out our Fifth Degree class on Mondays at 7:30am with Alyssa Mazzella: Four different exercises targeting multiple muscle groups.  Each exercise is enhanced by “pulsing” 5 times before moving onto the next.  You will be putting your muscles AND your mind to the ultimate test!

We’ve also added Complete 30/40 on Friday mornings with Alyssa Mazzella at 8:00am: This workout is all about form focused reps to  have maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Four sets of 30 or 40 reps for multiple sets in order to perfect each exercise.

Lastly, we added another Boxing class on Tuesday mornings with Charlie Denny at 9:30am per your request!

Want to try out any of these classes? Or how about a CrossFit class? Let us know! Sign up at the front desk. You can try any of these classes for the first time for FREE! All regular Group Ex classes are included with ALL memberships. If you try a class and want to upgrade, just let us know.

We are having a CrossFit special in the month of May – no enrollment fee, a FREE T-shirt, and $99 for the first month with a 6 month commitment! Discounts for families, and free babysitting for one child! Ask us for details. (781)-297-0979