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Have You Ever Been Interested in Participating in a Spartan SGX Race?

Have you ever been interested in participating in a Spartan SGX race? But didn’t know where to start or how to train? Well now here’s your chance! No prior training needed! Spartan Race and Elite want you to ‘get off the couch’ and start exercising!

Starting in April we will be running a 12 week Spartan SGX preparation program.

It starts on Monday April 10th, it meets 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm with Jay Baker.  Jay is an SGX Level 1 Coach and he is also our Fitness Director. He has been obstacle racing since 2011, and has done over 15 courses where most of them have been over 10 miles! He has done the Spartan Beast twice, and the Spartan Trifecta in 2016.

These Spartan classes run for one hour. Much of the training will also be done outdoors.

Obstacle Course Racing has gained a lot of popularity over the last 3 years, and Spartan SGX is a great health and wellness program to help prepare you for performing in such races. Your overall fitness will improve, you will meet some great friends along the way, and you just might have fun doing it!

This is a three phase program:

  • Phase 1 Function : fundamental movements, gaining confidence and getting comfortable with training, as you are  taught  fundamental  movements.
  • Phase 2 Fitness : stamina and readiness, adaptation, more specific training and honing in on the movements.
  • Phase 3 Performance: mental aspect, more intensity, more power, getting out of your comfort zone, and maximizing physical output.

This will help prepare you just in time for the Boston Spartan Race Sprint Weekend,  Saturday, 17. June 2017 in Rutland, MA. https://en-us.fievent.com/e/boston-spartan-race-sprint-weekend-2017/5810411

The 12 week program is $150 a month, or $400 if paid in full. (You will have access to CrossFit Kumba classes during this three month program as well). Please meet in the CrossFit room at 7 pm for each class.

15% discount available for the race is available for anyone who is interested in participating!

Please feel free to email Jay Baker for more info: jbaker@elitefitcenter.com